The Prom (Pt. 1)

As I've been asked to recap my prom, let me first tell you that the fun began in the preparation. Actually, it was less about fun & more about stress. Around these parts, we weren't allowed to have a table full of our members of our circle unless we could fill all 10 of the seats around it. The thing is we had about 17 people rolling with us that night so we were faced with ditching 7 of our friends. However, this crew doesn't leave members behind; which was good for me, because guess who would've got abandoned?
So there was shuffling, trades & negotiations that would've made Draft day jealous. In the end, I had my seat at the table & in a limo. Aaooww!

Our theme was Hawaiian, so you knew fun would be had. Initially, I kept talking trash like "Yo, I should show up with a pineapple" & was eventually called out on said trash-talk. The deal brokered stated that should I not show up with a pineapple, I'd lose a certain amount of cash. Now you know I like my pesos, so there was a pineapple that I hoped would been seen as legendary as we rolled up to our last great STA party.

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