Getting Over A Breakup (Blue Jays Edition)

In an earlier post, the Toronto Blue Jays-John Farrell-Boston Red Sox situation was addressed as a relationship gone wrong due to the reemergence of an old flame. Sometimes, if you're the person in the position of the Jays, you've got to just let go. How do you get over a breakup like this though? Well, the Jays seem to have taken a page out of the blog book of a noted life expert & have displayed the process in a step by step fashion.
"IF you see that he/she has moved on, maybe that is THE sign that it's officially over"
Farrell claimed that the Red Sox managerial role was his "dream job" & the Jays' General Manager Alex Anthopoulos decided to let him go. On the plus side, AA did manage to get infielder Mike Aviles as a form of compensation. This wasn't quite the big name from Boston that Jays fans had hoped for but apparently their dreams weren't meant to come to fruition.

"Stop mentally praising that person & stop mentally worshipping that person like if he/she was a God-like figure"
During the Farrell era the Jays weren't exactly dominating Major League Baseball. The talent on their roster had potential but injuries seemed to be the reason why the 2012 season was a car wreck. Injuries & the voodoo someone had done to Ricky Romero, but I digress. At the end of the day though, Farrell had a sub-500 winning percentage & was rumoured to have not had as much control of his team as he probably should have. Was he really worth wasting time over or could the Jays do better?

"GO OUT… meet NEW people"
The annual GM meetings were a big step for the organization. It was the first time since Farrell left that the franchise was getting back to the business of baseball. Some thought that they should've showed up to the meetings with a new manager but when recovering from a breakup, sometimes baby-steps are necessary. Who knows, maybe (a) new relationship(s) would result from this event.

"Get rid of the stuff he/she gave you… jewellery stores buy back bling…get your cash, spend it on yourself"
Farrell's coaching staff from previous seasons were allowed to head to Boston with him. Aviles, the biggest reminder of the breakup, was shipped out of town as a part of a trade for Maicer Izturis weeks after joining the team. Then, out of nowhere, AA pulled the trigger on what most have called the biggest trade in franchise history. Seven players were sent from Toronto in exchange for five from Miami. Players of a calibre not often seen in this city were suddenly on the way & general consensus was that the former manager is a dumb-dumb. The fan base seems to be emotionally healing.
Do AA & the Jays make moves based on the advice of bloggers? Possibly. The important thing here is that a franchise that was made to look like a pushover is overcoming their drama. The upcoming season seems to be full of promise & while the managerial position is still vacant, fans are ready to get at it again. April 2, 2013 can't come soon enough for some. So iron your outfit, get a fresh pair of shoes… hell, put your freakum dress on. For the first time in what feels like a long time, the Toronto Blue Jays are poised to break some hearts of their own.

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